It's the code of ethics of High Gain Antenna

Ethical Standards

The “Ethical Standards” are actions presented in the preamble of the “Ethics Charter” to achieve corporate philosophy in which suggests “how to do the right thing” and enumerates specific standards of conduct in accordance with the basic values and principles that must be abided by the company and the employees by each stakeholder.

1. Roles and responsibilities for the customers

  1. - We take customer satisfaction and trust as our top priority.
  2. (1) We respect the human dignity of every person regardless of whether they are in business with us. “Human dignity” means “human beings have value and sanctity for each individual’s purpose and are not as means to fulfill the rights of the majority or the goals of others.” We must always consider the element of human dignity in our decisions and actions towards all unspecified people including our customers.
  3. (2) Our proposition is that “a company exists to provide values to the customers that can satisfy the customers.” Our values and goals are to do our best to provide the best products and services desired by the customers and satisfactory to the customers.
  4. (3) Our future is reliant on the customers’ trust in which we must gain by giving them the belief that “we exist for our customers.” In addition, we must treat various customers in the market and therefore must understand and respect customers’ culture, customs, traditions, and values.
  5. (4) The company complies with laws related to customer information protection, and continuously inspects and improves business processes for customer information protection such as introducing the customer information advance impact evaluation system in the product development stage.
  6. (5) The company does not use customer information for purposes other than the purpose for which it was provided or share it to third parties except with the customer’s consent or when permitted by law.
2. Roles and responsibilities of the company for the employees
  1. - We respect human dignity of all individual members of the company and stive to improve the quality of life.
  2. (1) Each employee must carry “dignity as human” and employees are the most important asset to the company. In addition, there is fierce competition for survival in the global market without borders and the world is our business area. Therefore, we respect the human dignity of the employees and do not discriminate based on gender, education, native region, religion, race, nationality, and disability in securing talents.
  3. (2) Create a workplace atmosphere where employees voluntarily work and freely demonstrate individual creativity, provide a safe and comfortable work environment to work with confidence, actively support foster talents, and establish and operate an education training system and personnel management system of fair compensation and treatment based on abilities and achievements.
  4. (3) The wealth created by the company is the product of the hard work of the employees. In addition, comfortable and affluent family life of the employee is directly connected to their work competitiveness. Therefore, the company must do the best to operate benefits package the employees and their families can enjoy descent cultural life.
3. Roles and responsibilities for subcontractors
  1. - We pursue communal development based on mutual trust with our subcontractors.
  2. (1) The competitiveness of subcontractors is our competitiveness. Finding subcontractors with competitiveness or fostering them into competitive companies leads to our competitiveness. Therefore, we must give equal opportunities in selecting subcontractors, and cooperate and support the selected subcontractors to have competitiveness.
  3. (2) It means that we must recognize subcontractors as “companions to work and live together for mutual benefit” rather than as just vendors supplying products or services and do the best to build a cooperative relationship based on mutual “trust”.
  4. (3) The company shall establish and operate fair and transparent transaction procedures in business with the subcontractors, maintain stable and long-term business relations, embrace and respect valid requests and opinions of the subcontractors.
4. Fair competitions with the competitors
  1. - We respect the free competition principles and lead for wholesome industrial development.
  2. (1) The flow of the world economic is fair and transparent competition. Fair competition improves the quality of products and services which can bring the best satisfaction to the customers and increase the overall wealth of the country.
  3. (2) No collusion with competitors on production, prices, bidding, market allocation, and no discussion on prices, bidding, customers, sales areas, and sales conditions for purposes of collusions.
  4. (3) The company will do its best to establish a competition order that improves the efficiency and economic feasibility of market functions in competition with competitors and strive to secure competitive advantage through lawful methods.
5. Roles and responsibilities for the nation and society
  1. - We will actively contribute to the wholesome development of the nation and society and the environmental preservation.
  2. (1) As an important organization that constitutes society, a company must grow while achieving “harmony with society.” Therefore, as a corporate citizen of all regions where it conducts business, the company will abide by all laws and fulfill duties and responsibilities required by society.
  3. (2) Efficiently operate the company’s technology, information, knowledge, talents, and resources to grow as a stable company, thereby contribute to the wholesome development and promotion of benefits in all regions it conducts business.
  4. (3) Do its best to comply with international standards, laws, and internal regulations related to environmental protection.
  5. (4) Actively participate in environmental improvement activities such as minimize production of harmful substances, use resources efficiently, and pursue recycling.
  6. (5) Do its best for environmental protection in all business activities such as product development, production, distribution, sales, and disposal.
6. Roles and responsibility of the employee for the company
  1. - We will identify with the corporate philosophy pursued by the company and fulfill our roles and responsibilities for this purpose.  
  2. (1) When we identify with the “corporate philosophy” pursued by the company and all employees make an active effort to fulfill it, a “spirit of enterprise” is established and forms an “ethical corporate culture” in which strengthens company competitiveness.
  3. (2) We must keep in mind our company reputation is obtained by our daily decisions and actions which determines the future of the company. Therefore, all employees must clearly recognize the roles, authorities, responsibilities, and duties that follow their jobs when performing work, and must “act properly” based on sound judgment with honesty, sincerity, fairness, and transparency as basic factors.
  4. (3) We must strive to recognize the flow of changes with a global perspective and have the ability to respond to it. Therefore, all employees not only must comply with all laws including international laws, company regulations and systems as “principles”, but also recognize, respect, and comply with laws, code of ethics, and control system of domestic and international counterparties while fulfilling the mission given to them.

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