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Introduce the High Gain Antenna.


2010 - Present

2011 Developed TICN system/contracted for military next-generation satellite search development

2014 Recertified for Hyundai/Kia SQ (acquired grade ‘A’)

2015 Transferred WAVE technology (Korea Electronics Technology Institute) and completed development of WAVE

2016 Established Beijing Juli – HighGain Science & Technology Co., Ltd., a joint corporation in China

2017 Started mass production of defense TICN

2020 Received commendation from the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office

Received mass production order of hi-pass Hyundai vehicle for China


2000tReceived achievement award for the contributing to the promotion of radio industry (Korea Radio Promotion Association)

2003tContracted for military satellite communications system development

2005tAcquired certification for technology innovation type small business (INTELSAT certification)

2007tAcquired certification of TL9000 (TUV-CERT certification in Germany)

2008tContracted for TICN exploration and development (TMMR, HCTR)
Developed hi-pass rearview mirror for Hyundai/Kia (first in Korea)

2009tContracted for MUAV satellite and line-of-sight link antenna system search development
Acquired ISO14001 certificate (TUV-CERT certification in Germany)


1994 Reported engineering activities

1998 Awarded the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (President)

1999 Designated as venture business


1982t Partnered with US GTE ISC for production technology for satellite antenna

1983t Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as radio communication research institute (No. 336)


1970 Established High Gain Antenna Industrial Company

1978 Converted to High Gain Antenna Co., Ltd.