Business Overview

Business of the High Gain Antenna.


Front-runner in manufacturing satellite communications antenna

We are the only manufacturer of large-scale antennas of over 7 m in Korea.
We have the strength of manufacturing special antennas. We have contributed to the localization of the space communications market and currently preparing to enter the overseas market.

Main Production Products

Main Products

Business Area

- Antennas for ground satellite communication for communication services through communication satellites
- Radio telescopes for astronomical and geodetic observations using astronomical radio energy
- Microwave antennas for ground communications
- Antennas for DTV FM/AM broadcasting
- Other antennas for special purposes (tactical navigation facilities, radio wave monitoring, etc.)
- Above ground station system integration

  • 21m radio telescope

  • Microwave antennas

  • Antennas for broadcasting

  • Antennas for tactical navigation facilities

  • Antennas for satellite communications

  • Antennas for satellite monitoring

Division History

Year Details
2020~2022 Plan to supply radio telescope for Ø21m 8-230Ghz band for astronomical observation (currently design services in progress)
2003~2020 Continued to supply Ø6m, Ø9m, Ø11m, and Ø13m satellite communication earth station antennas (geostationary or non-geostationary orbit)
2018 Supplied 6 Ø18.3m antennas for multiband radio monitoring
2012 Supplied Ø22m radio telescope for geodetic observation
2009 Supplied Ø21m radio telescope for astronomical observation
2003~ 2005 Supplied Ø13m antennas for satellite radio monitoring
Supplied Ø11m - Ø6.4 satellite communication control station antennas (TT&C)
1988~ 2002 Ø13m & Ø8m satellite communication earth station antennas (for broadcasting the 1988 summer Olympics)
Supplied Ø6.4m - Ø21m satellite communication earth station antennas
1982(The first) Supplied Ø32m BWG satellite communication earth station antennas
Technical support for design and manufacture of US GTE-ISC antenna